Upgrade from Hippotizer v4.1.x Upgrade from Hippotizer v4.1.x

Upgrade from Hippotizer v4.1.x

There are a couple of differences between 4.1 and 4.2 that make it absolutely necessary that 4.1 is completely uninstalled before 4.2 is installed in order to avoid conflicts.

1) Export the components if a backup is necessary.

2) Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), open Services tab, right-click and stop the FanControllerService and the LEDManagerService.

3) Uninstall 4.1 (right click on Start button-Programs & Features, double-click on Hippotizer Version 4.1.0 and follow the uninstall wizard).

4) Delete both folders

    C:\HippotizerV4 and


5) You may also need to manually remove the mongodb database and files. Check your services in Computer management and make sure the MongoDB service has been removed (is not listed) and then delete the folder


To manually remove the MongoDB service, run a command prompt as Admin and then type SC delete MongoDB and press enter. You should get a confirmation message from the Services manager of Success.

6) You are now free to install the latest version of Hippotizer.