Nevis+ Display EDID Feature Highlight Nevis+ Display EDID Feature Highlight

Nevis+ Display EDID Feature Highlight

The new Nevis+ system has brought with it a brand new EDID management tool located in the HippoLauncher application. This tool allows the user to manage EDID emulation for configuring display timings. There have also been some changes to the operation of this tool as follows:

“As of 4.5.5 there is no longer EDID emulation toggled on by default.”

Additionally, all users should be aware of a new key command available as of v4.5.4 for the Nevis+ system:


CTRL+SHIFT+E - Remove EDID emulation


This will turn off the EDID emulation built into the HippoLauncher software and in most cases return the display outputs to automatic display detection in windows. This is useful if a display is no longer receiving signal after a change in display configuration.

A known display issue, causing signal out of range errors, in the EDID management on the Nevis+ is related to individual brands implementations of video signal conversions in cables adapters. Therefore, it is suggested to maintain a single type of working cable adapter until further understanding of the cause of this issue.