Action required on BOREAL+ and TAIGA+ Action required on BOREAL+ and TAIGA+

Action required on BOREAL+ and TAIGA+


BOREAL+ and TAIGA+ units may have AMD driver version 18Q1 installed from factory. 18Q1 is not stable, and may lead to crashes or un-commanded system reboots. 

In order to maintain product stability, please ensure you have AMD Driver version 17Q4.1 installed. 

To check your display driver, right click the desktop and click go to AMD Radeon Pro Advanced

and click on the System and check the Software version

Please download the recommended  driver  (17Q4.1) here and use the following steps to update your AMD driver.

Uninstall the current driver using Programs and Features in the control and reboot.

Navigate to C:\AMD\Win10-64bit-Radeon-Pro-Software-Enterprise-18Q1-Feb12\AMDCleanUninstallUtility and run the AMDCleanupUtility.exe executable and reboot the system when prompted.

Go to Device manager and check that the AMD GPU is not installed and showing MS basic Display adapter.
Install the new driver and when prompted to install multiple drivers click No (you do not want this feature).

When prompted to Install Radeon Pro ReLive option click Skip.

Reboot at the end of the installation.