AMD Radeon Pro on TAIGA+ and BOREAL+ AMD Radeon Pro on TAIGA+ and BOREAL+

AMD Radeon Pro on TAIGA+ and BOREAL+

We are always striving to get the most out of our units and we will regularly test new drivers for the components within the machines. 

Since we released the Taiga+ and the Boreal+ the drivers for the WX9100 have had multiple new releases. We have now conducted tests on the original 17.Q4, the Adrenaline release, and 18.Q1. There were performance increases in both of the newer versions, but they are not stable. We have had issues of the drivers becoming so unstable that we physically have to remove the card before being able to uninstall them. 

If you have upgraded your drivers to either of these newer sets, we highly recommend you roll back. The issues we have seen, but are not limited to: Crashes that cause the whole machine to restart, inability to shutdown the machine and the output dropping frames after prolonged usage.

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