Rosendahl Mif4 Firmware Update Rosendahl Mif4 Firmware Update

Rosendahl Mif4 Firmware Update

The new 3.1 firmware update for the Rosendhal Mif4 MIDI timecode interface is required for the device to be compatible with the newer range of Hippotizer servers including:

  • Tierra+
  • Tierra+ MK2
  • Nevis+

And any other AMD Ryzen systems.

The download for the new firmware is found here. Extract the compressed folder and run the  'mif4_31.exe' file. To launch update mode on the Mif4:

  1. Hold down both keys while connecting the unit to the USB port of your computer
  2. Select mif4 device in the drop down menu below the picture
  3. Press Update firmware button

This update is required for any units with serial numbers prior to M9650 or manufactured before 11/2021. 

You can verify the current firmware version of any Mif4 device on startup displayed on the LCD display. Anything below 3.1 will need updating to be compatible with newer systems.