Configuring Windows Display settings Configuring Windows Display settings

Configuring Windows Display settings

The Hippotizer software does not support Windows display configurations exceeding 16384 pixels, in either vertical or horizontal resolution. This is a limitation with certain applications and the Windows operating system. For display configurations close or exceeding this limit it is recommended to utilise a 2×2 grid configuration for the Output displays.



How to configure Displays in Windows Display Settings

The ZooKeeper display (ID 1 in the image above) should always be set to the Primary display and if using a secondary ZooKeeper (ID 2 in the image above), position this bordering the primary display. Any output displays need to border each other and should never bridge over a ZooKeeper display. The outputs border between 3 and 5, (as shown in the image above), should bisect the vertical boundary of the ZooKeeper monitor. This layout ensures the virtualised viewport is never drawn over the ZooKeeper display.

It is important to never have Output displays spanning over ZooKeeper displays in Windows Display settings.


Virtual Viewport Overlap OutputManager Error

An error message may appear in the OutputManager when the server detects the virtualised viewport is drawn over the ZooKeeper displays. (See Image Above) Virtualised viewports are used by the Hippotizer Engine to optimise the drawing of multiple viewports, and is achieved by created a single large virtual viewport over multiple Output displays. This virtual viewport may be draw in a way that overlaps the ZooKeeper output and therefore causes both internal GPUs to render the viewport. It is this overlap which causes the error to occur and this can be avoided by changing how the Windows display settings are configured.

To correct this error, shutdown Hippotizer and reconfigure the Windows Display Settings to match the example below. Positioning the ZooKeeper display so that it spans over the border of the Output displays.


Mismatching refresh rates

The ZooKeeper and Output displays should always have the same refresh rates, failure match refresh rates will lead to lower overall system performance.