Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Hippotizer?

You can download the latest version of Hippotizer at


I have a watermarked output, How can I remove the watermark?

A watermarked output is shown when either a PLAY or PREP license is being used, or the Hippotizer license you have is not valid on the current installed version of Hippotizer. If you are using Hippotizer hardware you may need to extend your Software Assurance.


When I start Hippotizer it says 'Software Assurance out of range', Why?

This warning is to notify the user that the license is no longer valid for any releases created after the current date. This will not impact the current installed version of Hippotizer. Read more about your license here.


Where can I find the Hippotizer user manual?

The user manual is found at


How can I create a support ticket?

You can complete the 'Submit a request' form at


What do the differrent Hippo colours mean?

Green: Hippotizer is running normally

Blue: Media Manager is encoding or syncing media

Yellow: Output manager is configuring, or the media drive has less than 10% capacity free

Red: Hippotizer has an error

Purple: The Hippotizer software is not running.


The Hippotizer software keeps crashing how can I fix this?

Contact the support team immediately and provide them with the debug files packed via the HippoLauncher export debug files feature, found at the bottom of the 'Advanced' tab of HippoLauncher.


How do I use ZooKeeper from remote laptop?

Connect the remote ZooKeeper laptop and Hippotizer server through a network, disabling any network security on the personal laptop. Run the ZooKeeper software. You can now access the Engine hosted on the server via ZooKeeper.


Where is my PLAY license, I did not receive an email?

Check the junk folder before contacting support for another PLAY license key.


Where can I download the Hippotizer stock content?

Contact the support team and they will provide a download link for the Hippotizer stock content.


Where can I find some training or tutorials for the Hippotizer software?

Hippotizer has short videos available on YouTube covering some basic topics and workflows. Complete training options are shown at


I would like to update my software, how do I do this?

You can download the latest version of Hippotizer at


Can I install my own copy of Windows on a Hippotizer server?

You can not install any other version of Windows on a Hippotizer server. Doing so is against our licensing agreement and will result in the server requiring an RMA.


Can I put different/my own hardware into my Hippotizer?

We can not support any servers with 3rd party hardware.


Can I increase my media storage?

Media storage size is fixed and varies between the different products in the Hippotizer range. Both the 2RU and 4RU products include 2.5" SSD bay slots in the front of the server.


I can't see my host in ZooKeeper?

Both the Engine Host Manager and ZooKeeper network settings need to be configured to listen to a network adapter within the same network. Read this article to learn how to check network settings.


How can I specify the network adapter for the input DMX data for the DMX2 component?

Select options in the DMX2 UI and you are able to specify a connected network adapter for receiving data.