HippoLicenser is a application used by customers to check the status of a software assurance license across any of the Hippotizer media server product range. The HippoLicenser can be installed simulataneously alongside any installation of Hippotizer V4. The application shows a readout of the detected license information, including the 'Feature Releases Remaining' value, which states how many future versions will be licensed.


Export Information

The export information button will generate an encrypted file that can be included as an attachment with a Software Assurance extension form. We advise all customers who want to extend there Software Assurance to attach the file generated from the HippoLicenser application to any extension request to avoid any delays in the delivery of the extension.


Extending Software Assurance

In order to extend a Software Assurance license please contact support by creating a ticket. The support team will advise you to complete a software assurance form and attach the license export information file generated from the HippoLicenser application.


V4 (Windows 8) HippoLicenser Installation Instructions

During the installation of HippoLicenser on a V4 Hippotizer media server you may be prompted to restart the computer in order to finalise redistributable installation. This will only happen once in order to install the necessary prerequisites for the HippoLicenser installation to complete.

After the restart, run the HippoLicenser as normal through to completion.