Green Hippo does not accept product returns: all sales are final. If it becomes necessary to send a Green Hippo product back to us for repair then a Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) must be created and accepted by Green Hippo before dispatching goods to us. On receipt of the product, Green Hippo will determine the Warranty applicability.

When you need a unit repaired we need to discuss or troubleshoot this before we can authorise a return to a repair centre.   Click here to create a Support case 

After we help with troubleshooting the unit, we will send you a link to an RMA form if the unit needs to come back for repair. 

Once you have submitted this form, it will create an RMA case and send you the shipping information required to get the unit to the correct repair centre. 

When you are ready to ship please reply to the RMA case with the tracking information so we can let the repair centre know the unit is on its way.

The unit will be tested and a quote (if out of warranty) will be provided. Further updates will be sent via the case in the ticketing system until the unit is fixed, the bills are settled and finally the unit shipped back to you.

Please be aware that the repair process involves re imaging the OS drive and formatting the media drive/s.  Please make backups of all your information before sending the unit in for repair. If you cannot do this due to a problem with the unit, please let us know and we will try to recover and save this information.

Please note that all out of warranty repairs or advanced part swaps will require a purchase order to get replacement parts shipped out. Once we receive the faulty parts back, we will credit the purchase order back as long as the faulty parts remain in a returnable condition.