Which Hippotizers use Codemeter dongles Which Hippotizers use Codemeter dongles

Which Hippotizers use Codemeter dongles

Starting with V4 PLUS range, all Hippotizers ship with a Codemeter dongle that holds the Hippotizer License container. If your serial number starts with the number 2, then you may need a dongle to increase your Software Assurance to get the latest version of Hippotizer.

After the initial 3 years of Software your system will still run the version that it was running at the time of expiry forever but you will need to purchase additional versions over time to stay current and get the latest software.

Since Hippotizer version 4.3 (needs verification) the CM dongle service is included during the installation of Hippotizer to manage your license.

*Please note that if you are using an original V4 Hippotizer you may not have a dongle in your machine. There is a chance you still do have a dongle as we installed them into any Hippotizers that came in for repair under an RMA.

You can check the Codemeter icon at the bottom right of the taskbar to see if there is a dongle in your machine by checking the status.

If the icon is green, (shown below) you have a dongle and the process of adding Software Assurance can be completed without the need for us to send you a dongle.