Hippotizer 4.7.x versions Hippotizer 4.7.x versions

Hippotizer 4.7.x versions

Current 4.7 Version: 

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Features added in 4.7.3

• Added Support for Modbus Protocol in Multicontroller


Functionality Changes In 4.7.3

• Importing Timeline+ and Preset Manager components have been improved to detect whether a preset is utilised in a timeline already. During a Timeline+ import if any timelines include presets, these presets will be created in the Preset Manager, if they do not already exist. When importing a Preset Manager component, and overwriting presets used in an active timeline, any preset keyframes referencing the overwritten preset will convert to standard keyframes.

•Changed play behaviour after stop command to match the behavior from the original Timeline component. After continuing from a stop command, track values do not get evaluated.

•Changed playback behaviour of clips when jumping to a new timeline position to match the behaviour from the original Timeline component. Clips should now playback without jumping playhead position if set to any infinite playmodes and recalling a keyframe.

•Copy and pasting keyframes in the Timeline+ component now respects the time snapping.


Fixes In 4.7.3

Optimised network traffic of keyframe value changes when using Timeline+. Timelines should now be more responsive and handle larger implementations accessing thousands of pins across the network.

• Presets can be edited and relocated in the Preset Manager without disassociating with the timeline preset keyframes.

• Fixed a crash when using remote ZooKeeper to copy and paste a preset in a remoteTimeline+ component.

•Fixed Timeline+ playhead position not stopping at a stop command and instead playing a tenth of a second beyond.

• Fixed a ZooKeeper crash when switching between remote hosts in the Timeline+ Host Manager selector.

• Fixed an intermittent bug that highlighted two hosts in the Timeline+ Host Manager selector when using a remote ZooKeeper.

• Fixed thumbnail visualisation in Timeline+ displaying an empty field after changing media bank and slot for a media player keyframe.

• Fixed a problem where presets would not work anymore in timeline+ when using multiple hosts to contral timeline.

• Changed box selection handles in PixelMapper to scale with large-size pixel maps. Now selection handles will decrease in size when zooming.

• Improved logging in the TouchEngine component to better explain cause of crashing.

• Fixed hardware de-interlacing on layer from squishing layer to half x/y axis resolution.

• Fixed a bug with sync buses on none Xfade mixes not working correctly.

• Adjusted scaling text sizes in the network settings window of Engine Host settings, ZooKeeper settings and Configuration settings. The windows should no longer cut off text and button UI elements.

• Added scroll bar to network setting page when a large number of network adapters is present.

• Fixed a UI bug in OutputManager that would show a duplicated patch for a single viewport assignment.

• Improved handling of not correctly formated MPCDI files.

• Fixed an intermittent crash on Zookeeper startup.

• Fixed failing import of image sequences while 'copy to host' is selected in the media encoding settings.

• Fixed a bug which stopped image sequences from being imported when using the Watchfolder import feature. Further clarity of filename specifications is included in the Watchfolder section of user manual.

• Fixed a bug with the 4.7.2 installer, while the update option is selected, which caused Streamdeck devices to not be detected. Future installers will not have this issue.

• Updated the packaged Datapath installer in the Hippotizer installation process to support recent datapath PCIe card default firmware version.


Software Assurance

Software Assurance is changing as of 4.7.0 to include the number of included feature releases. Please see the Software Assurance Policy section in the user manual for more information.
Software Assurance determines what version of Hippotizer will install and run on a system. Once installed, software will continue to function indefinitely.

• Systems currently running 4.7.0, 4.7.1 or 4.7.2 can update to 4.7.3 directly by installing and choosing
‘update install’.
• Systems currently running 4.4.X, 4.5.X or 4.6.X should export all programming, carry out a clean
install and then import data into 4.7.3.
• Systems currently running 4.3.3 or older software must clean install 4.7.3; all existing
programming and settings will be lost.

Always back up your show before changing software version.

*Hippotizer Version 4.6.3 is the minimum version supported by Hippotizer V4+ MK2 hardware.

Installation Notes

• The Datapath capture driver version has been updated in 4.7.3. If you have capture card(s) fitted please ensure you select 'yes' when queried by the installer to update the driver. Alternatively, the drivers are also available after installation in the ThirdParty folder: C:\Program Files\GreenHippo\HippotizerV4\ThirdParty.


For a full list of changes and fixes please see the release notes.

Hippotizer version 4.7.1 download

Hippotizer version 4.7.0 download