Hippotizer stock content Hippotizer stock content

Hippotizer stock content

There is a Stock content export file shipped on all Hippotizers. V4 is on the D drive and V3 it was in the Hippotizer folder on the desktop.

Due to the size of this file the link to stock content download is not available.

Please create a Support case to arrange a download here.

Please note that the stock content is only available for Hippotizer units and not available for PLAY.

If you have access to another Hippotizer, with the sock content, you can copy the D:\MediaV4 folder to the target machine, Sync the Media across to the target machine on HippoNet, or locate the Stock content export file that is shipped with every Hippotizer on the root of the D drive.

The file is 64Gb in size and has the .v4s extension.

When importing this file please wait a minute after the process completes to be sure that the MediMap is updated. 

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