Hippotizer version 4.8.4 Hippotizer version 4.8.4

Hippotizer version 4.8.4

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4.8.4 Functionality Changes

  • Changed Fan speed profiles to accommodate Capture Card temperatures 
  • Removed Nevis HippoLauncher EDID setup 

4.8.4 Features Added

  • None

4.8.4 Fixes

  • 3807: Pixelmapper Del/Backspace/Arrow keys no longer adjust two characters instead of one 
  • 5855: Moving Presets no longer breaks Bank Slot readout in TimelinePlus 
  • 5897: Fixed some Rest API errors when using Preset and Timeline Modules 
  • 5920: Improved behavior of TimelinePlus starting with the engine 
  • 5858: Pixelmapper UI should now work as intended in Windows 11 
  • 6021: Auto Sync to MediaManagers now correctly works with Watchfolders 
  • 6061: Fixed an issue where Zookeeper and HippoLauncher could disappear when opened. 
  • 6064: Fixed an issue where Timeline+ could crash when deleting MediaPlayer keyframes 
  • 5858: Resolved issues stopping Pixelmapper UI being extremely slow on Windows 11 systems 

4.8.4 Shape

  • 5917: Alignment Crosshair/Checkboard no longer remains on output when deselected 
  • 6019: Camera Controllers now correctly reload with a SHAPE project 

Software Assurance

This version will install on all V4, V4+, and V4MK2 systems even if they report having expired Software Assurance, however when expired the output will be watermarked.
Please see the Software Assurance section of this manual for more information for more info. 
Software Assurance on Hippotizer PREP and PLAY does not expire.

Shows created in 4.7.x will not import into 4.8.x automatically when selecting the update option on installation. Shows wishing to upgrade from any previous version of software to 4.8.x should export all components and then import them into 4.8.x after installation.

Systems currently running 4.4.X, 4.5.X, 4.6.X or 4.7.X should export all programming/back up your show and carry out a clean install and then import data into 4.8.4.
Systems currently running 4.3.3 or older software must clean install 4.8.4.

Please note that all existing programming and settings cannot be imported into 4.8.4 and these shows will need to be reprogrammed to run in 4.8.4.


4.8.4 Installation Notes

  • Hippotizer Version 4.6.3 is the minimum version supported by Hippotizer V4+ MK2 hardware.
  • The recommended capture card driver version has been updated. If you have a capture card fitted, please select ‘Yes’ when asked during installation to update your drivers to the correct version. Alternatively, the drivers are also available after installation in the ThirdParty folder: C:\Program Files\GreenHippo\HippotizerV4\ThirdParty or from our downloads here. 
  • MA3 personalities are now included in the installation directory. After installing Hippotizer they can be found in: C:\Program Files\GreenHippo\HippotizerV4\documentation\3rdParty


Previous Features added in 4.8.3

Timeline+ Improvements

  • Extended media player ribbon info overlay to include duration and start time.
  • Media player clip info now shown in properties panel.
  • Media player keyframes can now snap to the end of a clip ribbon.
  • Auto-Play timelines on start-up options now added to timeline properties.
  • Added a search feature for Timeline+ tracks. Search filtering can now be stored directly into trackfilters.
  • Adding search filtering in the properties panel.
  • Show only tracks with keyframes button added in the track filter section of the Timeline+ editor.
  • New right click menu option for inserting previous or following keyframes when hovering over atrack in the timeline editor.

New MacroManager functions for HTTP devices

  • Added both ‘Get’ and ‘Post’ functions to the MacroManager allowing for commmunication to aspecified address, with support for header and media type information.

Functionality Changes In 4.8.3

Expanded Timeline+ API for MacroManager to include a timecode enabled object.

Mpeg Converter tool is now deprecated and has been removed from the HippoLauncher Advanced tab. Please use version 4.5 of Hippotizer to convert V3 libraries to the FlexRes format.

Mask FX Update Included a 5th parameter; Play mode: values below 0.5 are play forward onceplaymode, values of 0.5 or above are play forward looping playmode. Play modes affect the masking clip only.


Fixes In 4.8.3

  • 5636: Duplicate right click menu option removed from unsupported MultiController devices.
  • 5656: Fixed double click to reset shortcut on some elements in the Mixes page.
  • 5689: Fixed timecode offset, through the Notch Engine, becoming incrorrect after a restart ofHippotizer Engine.
  • 5690: Automatically close ZooKeeper sub-windows after 10 seconds when using HippoLauncher‘Shutdown ZooKeeper’ button or closing a main ZooKeeper window.
  • 5719: Updated Touch Engine SDK to allow texture sharing support for later versions of Toxcomponents.
  • 5741: Fixed the shape visualiser pin, when set to shaded texture mode, incorrectly showing theZooKeeper background texture.
  • 5796: Fixed Preset Timeline not controlling a remote Engine after the remote has been restarted.
  • 5812: Fixed an Engine crash when connecting a Streamdeck to the server while running.

Known issues in 4.8.3

  • Previous Known issues listed in 4.8.2 are still present unless otherwise noted in the “Fixes in 4.8.3” above.

Features added in 4.8.0

• Show Manager is now part of the HippoLauncher offering Hippotizer the capabilities to launch from a list of different show files for quick access. Show can also be locked limiting changes to a singular launched instance of a show file. The HippoLauncher has had some UI changes to accommodate the Show Manager, the user can now create shows with a unique name and description or select from an existing show and launch into either an editable, or locked state.

•  TCP/IP Launcher This module of HippoLauncher allows TCP strings sent across a network to launch specific shows from the Show Manager.

•  NDI 5.5 Support is now included in Hippotizer 4.8.0. All new features and support for NDI compliant products are included with NDI 5.5.

•  Media Encoding Expanded Hippotizer now has extended support for additional video codecs and improved compatibility with existing codecs.

•  Preset Timelines Are a new type of timeline that simplifies the UI for easily programmed preset only timelines. Timelines can be converted into a standard timeline from a preset timeline at the user’s discretion.
Green Hippo recommends always backing up all programming before carrying out any software changes.

• PLAY has been expanded to support unlimited mixes for a greater scope of access whether training or controlling Hippotizer servers.

• SHAPE UI Docking Provides further customisation options for the SHAPE UI. New window options have been added to dock or pop-out UI elements. These new windows are utilised throughout SHAPE alongside an addition of a new Preview window, for displaying scene object outputs, and 3D viewer for visualising the 3D environment.

• Automation Rate Monitor Now provides a readout for the user to monitor the update rate of incoming automation data. This readout is visible in SHAPE or as a new child Pin of SHAPE in Hippotizer.

• Automation Modes Interprets automation data to align with specific protocol specifications.


Functionality Changes In 4.8.0

• Nevis+ Status Component System status can now be monitored on the Nevis+ using the new Status component. This replaces the status pin found in the LED & Fan component.

• Timeline has now been deprecated and replaced entirely by Timeline+. All timelines can be imported into the Timeline+ component to become compatible with this, and future releases.

• Automation Controller is now the means to injest automation protocols into Hippotizer through the MultiController component. All previous automation support is maintained and should use the automation control source instead of individual protocol control sources.

• ‘All’ keyword added Remote control command pin can now take ‘All’ as a keyword for any of the
functions in place of the Timeline ID number. 

• REST API ‘Callbacks’ We have added the ability for the REST API to generate “Callbacks” to users webpages to inform them of certain actions including, new media added, media change, timeline added and more.

Known Issues in 4.8.2

  • 3125: Audio track starts always from the in-point when scrubbing through a timeline in Timeline+.
  • 3146: ZooKeeper SHAPE visualiser shows selections made in SHAPE software when ZooKeeper is part of group
  • 4176: Virtualised Viewports settings is not applied from an imported OutputManager component.
  • 4244: Renaming the system could result in an Engine crash. Workaround: Reinstall software or* rename system back to the default name.
  • 4439: Host colour does not change to orange when Engine is configuring layers.
  • 4518: MediaMaps of remote hosts does not display thumbnails in TimelinePlus.
  • A previous error in the manual stated that shows from 4.7.X would import to 4.8 automatically when selecting the update option on installation. This is not the case and shows wishing to upgrade from any previous version of software to 4.8 should export all components to be imported into 4.8.