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4.4.x versions of Hippotizer requires clean install

The 4.4.x version of Hippotizer has a lot of changes in it.

You should check your Hippotizer has been cleaned up by uninstalling previous versions and folders before installing any version of V4.4.x. 

Important Installation Notes

4.4 introduces significant changes; migrating existing shows from older software will require reprogramming.

  • Uninstall all previously installed Hippotizer versions before installing 4.4.
  • DMX Personalities have changed — pre-4.4 personalities will not work.
  • Component exports are not backwards compatible. Timeline, Presets, Macros and DMX from pre-4.4 cannot be imported to 4.4.

Please check out the release notes and manual here.

Both of these can be found from the HippoLaunch screen on your Hippo here:

If you are already running V4.4.0 please update to the latest version of V4 found here along with the Utilities, MA2 Personalities, FlexRes Tools, Manual, and Drivers.

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